Formula 3 2021 Race Weekend Format

Formula 3 2021 Format

Formula 3 has followed in its the footsteps of its bigger brother with hosting three races per weekend in 2021. Following the FIA and Formula 2 promoters disclosing how a Formula 2 weekend will look earlier today, the news surrounding Formula 3’s format followed shortly after. And in a similar approach, the Formula 3 promoters […]

Formula 2 2021 Race Weekend Format

Formula 2 2021 Format

After the FIA and Formula 2 promoters informed us that the Formula 2 weekend will be home to three races in 2021, we’ve been itching to know more details. Today, those details were announced. Formula 2 unleashed three bits of information and, such is modern times, three retweetable infographics to the world today. The first […]

FIA announce all current F2 teams will remain in 2021

F2 2021 Teams

The FIA confirmed that the current eleven teams in Formula 2 will remain for 2021. In a little bit of a nothingy announcement, the promoters broke the news that all F2 teams will remain until 2023. There haven’t been, as far as we’re aware, any new teams looking to join. None of the familiar names […]

F2 and F3 to stop running together in 2021

It’s going to be all change for F2 and F3 for 2021 as the two traditional support series will no longer feature on the same weekends. As part of cost-cutting measures, the promoters of Formula 2 and Formula 3 will split the two championships apart. Instead of both running together on the same weekend as Formula […]