For the best experience, use a tablet or desktop. 
Welcome to the Fantasy Formula Driver Academy. We’ve created a Fantasy Formula game like no other. 

In our world, you are creating more than a Fantasy Formula 1 team. You’re creating a Fantasy Formula Driver Academy. We’re including drivers from F1, F2, F3 and W Series.

After playing Fantasy Formula 1 games in the past, we looked around for some Formula 2 and Formula 3 leagues and found…nothing. So we decided to make our own! 

2021 is our Beta season. We are welcoming everyone to create their ideal driver line-up .

Your role is to spend your $120m Fantasy Formula Driver Academy budget on drivers across each series to score. You’re aiming to be the highest-scoring academy by the end of the season. 

F1 has more qualifying sessions and full races than the support series in 2021. So we’ve evened the scoring system to make each series equally important.

For the best experience, use a tablet or desktop. We are making continual improvements throughout the Beta season, including mobile optimisation. Keep checking back!