Welcome to the Formula Fantasy Driver Academy Beta test! Ready to get started?

Choose your team

Head to My Team to select a Lead Driver & Second Driver in each formula: F1, F2, F3 & W Series.

Your lead driver earns bonus points, so choose wisely. And remember to stay within your budget.

Select two drivers for each series and choose Update Drivers. The driver in the left column will be your Lead Driver for the series and will score more points.

Customise your academy

Change your academy’s Team name and image to stand out in the league. Click on My Team to brand your academy.

Track academy league progress

Find out how your academy stacks up against others. Are your drivers outpacing the rest of the field or are you lagging behind? Head to League Table to find out.

Not happy with the performance of your team?

Swap drivers between races using Manage team before the next Qualifying session starts. You can’t change your team once the race weekend begins!

If you encounter any issues, get in touch with us at fantasy@gpgrandstand.com.