Formula 3 2021 Race Weekend Format

Formula 3 2021 Format

Formula 3 has followed in its the footsteps of its bigger brother with hosting three races per weekend in 2021. Following the FIA and Formula 2 promoters disclosing how a Formula 2 weekend will look earlier today, the news surrounding Formula 3’s format followed shortly after. And in a similar approach, the Formula 3 promoters […]

Prema promote Oscar Piastri to Formula 2

Oscar Piastri Prema Formula 2 Promotion

The 2020 Formula 3 champion, Oscar Piastri, will join the Formula 2 ranks for 2021. The Australian Prema driver has been retained by the team but will be racing their F2 car next season. Piastri won two races and reached the podium on a further four occasions in the 2020 F3 season on his way […]

Bahrain International Circuit must make barrier changes

Bahrain GP Barrier

It is a sad fact of motorsport that improvements in safety are identified and implemented following tragic accidents.  The Halo, HANS device, collapsible fuel cell, the survival cell, Nomex racewear, wheel tethers and SAFER barriers were all developed in the wake of someone dying.  We must of course give thanks to the brilliant engineers who […]

Theo Pourchaire to make F2 debut in Bahrain

  17-year-old Pourchaire had a phenomenal 2020 F3 season, winning two races among his eight podiums. Theo is highly rated by teams and fans alike. He is already a member of the Sauber Driver Academy and could be on course to be the next French F1 driver. Guiliano Alesi started the season in the HWA […]

Oscar Piastri enjoys an F1 weekend in Turkey

Renault rewarded the F3 champion Oscar Piastri for his championship success by giving the Australian an insight into how an F1 weekend works. Piastri spent his weekend at Turkey in briefings and meetings with the team, as well as seeing how a drivers media duties work. The opportunity gives Oscar a great look at how […]

Announcing our brand new series on Driver Academies

If you want to get a flavour of which drivers might have a promising career ahead of them, it often pays to see who is in the F1 team Driver Academies.  Being good enough, or sometimes being marketable enough, for an F1 team academy position will give a driver funding for a season with a […]

Formula 3 2021 calendar announced featuring a Texas finale

Formula 3 has had its provisional 2021 calendar published. The European focus the series has enjoyed since the merger of GP3 and European Formula 3 remains, but there’s a brand new grand finale out in Texas. As announced previously, the season will be shorter than before, with just seven weekends of racing. However, there will […]

F2 and F3 to stop running together in 2021

It’s going to be all change for F2 and F3 for 2021 as the two traditional support series will no longer feature on the same weekends. As part of cost-cutting measures, the promoters of Formula 2 and Formula 3 will split the two championships apart. Instead of both running together on the same weekend as Formula […]